NPC aims to provide quality end-to-end solutions in the supply chain enabling you to scale faster & offer your customers a better value.


Inventory Management

Storing inventory is a waste of resources and a major constraint in the supply chain. NPC will increase your production efficiencies and cut excess costs by implementing a demand-driven inventory system to assure that materials and supplies are delivered only when needed - at the right place, the right time, and in the exact amount.


Packaging & Process 

With our experience, and the experience of our expert design partners, we pride ourselves on "thinking outside the box." We enjoy the challenge of being faced with a problem that requires a process or product design or redesign. Let us be your partner in tackling that problem today.


Supply & Distribution Consulting

You know that market demands aren't static - it's an always changing ecosystem that requires continual planning and shifting in order to confront the challenges of a globally evolving supply chain.


NPC has over 75 combined years of experience in logistics and supply chain operations, with a particular understanding of manufacturing and distribution. We will work with you to meet these challenges by analyzing and identifying new opportunities to become leaner, more efficient and more profitable in order to give your company the edge it needs compete. 


Reclaim, Recycle, Reuse

Utilizing a returned goods program can make you a supplier for life to your customers. We will design a program that reclaims and recycles packaging goods from your customers. By recycling and repossessing materials to make new goods prevents landfill, reduces your costs and creates value for all.


Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

You need to take goods out of bulk and repack them for distribution but lack the capabilities - or the desire for that matter. Thankfully, NPC offers reliable, responsive order fulfillment services so you don't have to. We will pick, pack and dispatch individual and bulk orders to your customers or release inventory to your plants by disassembling pallets and cases and repacking goods for distribution.

Our team is ready to assist you