Packaging Products

Whether you're shipping across the street or across the country, NPC will create a custom packaging solution for all your needs


Paper & Plastic

Our paper and plastic cores are supplied to a wide-range of processes and markets and can be used for wounding or product protection - from steel to carpet to plastics to paper. Our tubes are manufactured with the help of our strategic partners for various custom specifications, including dimension, gauge and length. 


Paper & Plastic

Introducing the first major new development in corner post in a long time. Anglepost™ utilizes minimum wing lengths and wall thickness to achieve the same level of protection and reinforcement as traditional corner post, but using a fraction of the raw material and produced for a lower cost.


Sheet & Boxes

Shipping long distances or even next door often requires protective packaging. We work with our supply partners to manufacture a product to your specifications using the most advanced renewable fiber and recyclable corrugated materials. Our customers rely on our experience to provide alternatives to reduce your costs or improve the packaging performance.


Pallets & Crates

If you need a pallet or crate or any wood packaging for structural strength, we have it. Wood is an industry staple. It's tough, dependable, and immediately reusable. Once we understand your material handling and shipping requirements, we will deliver a fast and cost-effective custom solution.

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